New beneficiaries for the Inua Jamii program will be recruited starting in September.

New beneficiaries for the Inua Jamii program will be recruited starting in September.

New beneficiaries for the Inua Jamii program will be recruited starting in September.

Enrolling more beneficiaries into the government’s Inua Jamii Safety Net program is scheduled to start in September.

The Cabinet has given its approval for this process during a session on Tuesday, emphasizing its commitment to upholding the dignity of all citizens and showing respect to senior citizens.

According to an announcement from the Cabinet, the onboarding process for new member registrations will officially start on September 1.

This decision aligns with Joseph Motari’s recent disclosure.He heads the Social Protection and Senior Citizens Affairs as the Permanent Secretary, disclosing the intention to include 500,000 additional vulnerable Kenyans in the cash transfer initiative.

The cabinet

New beneficiaries for the Inua Jamii program will be recruited starting in September.

“The Cabinet sanctioned a fresh wave of registration of persons under the Inua Jamii Safety Net Programme of senior citizens, persons living with disability, and vulnerable households,”

it says

“Currently, the Inua Jamii program benefits 1,233,129 Kenyans, including 353,000 Orphans and Vulnerable Children, 833,129 elderly citizens, and 47,000 persons with Severe Disabilities.”

In the latter part of July, the government disbursed a sum of Sh8.3 billion through the initiative, intended to encompass a period of four months spanning from March to June. Each recipient is scheduled to obtain Sh8,000 as part of this program.

In June, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua stressed the “Kenya Kwanza Administration’s” dedication to aiding marginalized individuals and securing their dignified life.

To counter past delays, the Deputy President noted the Treasury’s commitment to timely and predictable fund disbursement, starting June 1st.

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The government aims to expand the Inua Jamii Safety Net program’s beneficiaries, starting new member recruitment in September. Cabinet approval seeks to uphold the dignity of all citizens, especially seniors, and ensure their well-being. New registrations will begin on September 1, including an additional 500,000 elderly and vulnerable individuals in the cash transfer initiative.

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The Cabinet’s decision aligns with the government’s commitment to extend support to senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and vulnerable households. The fresh wave of registration demonstrates the administration’s dedication to enhancing the Inua Jamii Safety Net Program.

The Cabinet’s support shows the government’s commitment to backing citizens and including vulnerable groups. Expanding the program and adding new members prioritize citizens’ well-being and dignity.

The Inua JamiiBudget

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua confirmed on Thursday that the National Treasury had disbursed the funds.

Today, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection released Sh16,725,856 for 1,072,226 beneficiaries in the Inua Jamii program. Additionally, Sh11,185,000 will supplement beneficiaries engaged in the nutrition improvement and health education complementary initiative. Each recipient will receive Sh16,000 in two installments during June and July, spanning four cycles from November 2022 to June 2023.

Recipients include vulnerable children, orphans, the elderly, and individuals with severe disabilities.

Starting on June 28, payments will be processed via six government-contracted banks: Cooperative Bank, Equity Bank, KCB, Kenya Women Microfinance Bank, National Bank, and Post Bank.

Additionally, Gachagua highlighted that the Cabinet endorsed a memorandum guiding the National Treasury to guarantee timely and predictable disbursement of Inua Jamii funds starting June 1, 2023.

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