Big blow as”Two Doors Down,”Simon Carlyle succumbs at 48 Years

Big blow as"Two Doors Down,"Simon Carlyle succumbs at 48 Years

Simon Carlyle succumbs at 48 Years

Simon Carlyle, the creator of the popular sitcom Two Doors Down, has sadly passed away at the age of 48. Renowned for his comedic prowess, Carlyle’s contributions extended beyond Two Doors Down, encompassing other projects like Changing Ends and Boy Meets Girl. Alexandra Topping’s report reveals that Carlyle, originally from Ayr, is being celebrated as a brilliant and humorous individual, with his manager Amanda Davis emphasizing his role as a significant comedic talent. Davis also highlighted Carlyle’s supportive and collaborative nature when working with fellow creators.

The entertainment world grieves Simon Carlyle’s loss. His creative brilliance shone in works like Two Doors Down, Changing Ends, and Boy Meets Girl. Carlyle’s passing at 48 leaves a comedic void, prompting tributes to his remarkable character. Manager Amanda Davis recalls his humor and ability to foster collaboration, solidifying his status as a major comedic force.

“I am immensely sorry to confirm that Simon Carlyle has died at the age of 48,”

Davis said

“Simon was a wonderful person and a major comedic talent. He was much respected across the industry both for the quality of his writing and for being a kind, funny, supportive and nurturing collaborator. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go to his family, friends and colleagues.”

Carlyle described the Scottish sitcom “Two Doors Down” as a portrayal of eccentric neighbors, a universal experience that everyone can relate to. The show, initially conceived as a one-off special for Hogmanay, was premiered on BBC One in 2013. Co-created and scripted alongside Gregor Sharp, the series revolved around the inhabitants of Latimer Crescent and featured Arabella Weir, Kieran Hodgson, Alex Norton, Doon Mackichan, and Jonathan Watson. Its popularity led to its renewal for a seventh season, which will transition to BBC One for the upcoming six episodes.

Scottish Sun

In a 2019 interview with the Scottish Sun, Carlyle disclosed that he had once sought a position as a passenger greeter at Glasgow airport and had contemplated leaving television prior to the show’s success. He also shared how the comedic material drew heavily from his personal life, with the character Beth, portrayed by Arabella Weir, being inspired by his own mother, Dorothy. Additionally, the character Ian, played by Jamie Quinn, reflected Carlyle’s own experiences of coming out during his upbringing in Ayr.

Carlyle’s writing contributions extended beyond “Two Doors Down.” He was involved in crafting scripts for “Changing Ends,” an ITV comedy series chronicling Alan Carr’s upbringing in the 1980s, as well as the BBC’s LGBT+ themed show “Boy Meets Girl.” Jon Petrie, the BBC’s director of comedy commissioning, praised Carlyle as an exceptional comedic talent.

Big blow as"Two Doors Down,"Simon Carlyle succumbs at 48 Years

Big blow as”Two Doors Down,”Simon Carlyle succumbs at 48 Years

Big blow as"Two Doors Down,"Simon Carlyle succumbs at 48 Years

“His warm comic voice shone through these characters, garnering huge audience affection, and firmly establishing it as a long-lasting sitcom favourite,” he said.


Simon Carlyle, the creative force behind the beloved sitcom Two Doors Down, has passed away at 48. His comedic brilliance extended to projects like Changing Ends and Boy Meets Girl. Originating in Ayr, Carlyle’s humor and wit receive celebration, as manager Amanda Davis emphasizes his collaborative spirit with fellow creators.

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The entertainment industry mourns Carlyle’s loss, acknowledging his creative influence in series like Two Doors Down, Changing Ends, and Boy Meets Girl.Manager Amanda Davis remembers him as a comedic talent who fostered collaboration. Carlyle described Two Doors Down, co-created with Gregor Sharp, as a portrayal of relatable eccentric neighbors. The show’s success led to a renewed seventh season.

Carlyle’s comedic talent extended beyond Two Doors Down, encompassing Changing Ends and Boy Meets Girl. He added relatable humor to portraying neighbors in Two Doors Down, a highly popular show preparing for its seventh season.Carlyle’s personal experiences also influenced his work, as he drew from his life in crafting characters and stories. His impact on comedy is lauded by those in the industry.

BBC Studios Comedy Production, the creators of Two Doors Down, conveyed their profound sorrow over Simon Carlyle’s passing.They described him as a remarkable and witty individual with an ever-shifting and captivating personality. His intense fascination with the intricacies of humor, striving to amplify its comedic essence, left an indelible impact. The team felt privileged to have shared moments with him, as he played a central role in their collaborative endeavors. His absence is keenly felt and profoundly mourned by everyone involved.

Louise Thornton, head of BBC Scotland commissioning, recognized Simon’s impressive writing talent, admired in both Two Doors Down and other series, and conveyed heartfelt sympathies to his family, friends, and the Two Doors Down team, deeply affected by his loss.

Comedian Jack Whitehall reminisced about Simon Carlyle’s influence, expressing his sadness upon learning of Simon’s passing. He recounted Simon’s role as his inaugural script editor, highlighting the valuable lessons he learned under Simon’s guidance. Jack celebrated Simon’s comedic brilliance and charismatic demeanor, always a delight to be around.

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